Enough to make your grandma jealous!

Broasted Chicken is Better!

High pressure broasting delivers chicken with up to 44% more moisture than the leading brand of open fried chicken. Stop by today and taste the difference. 

Monthly Special!

8 Pieces Thrift Bucket   with 6 Taters and 2 Biscuits!

Only $10.99!

(10/1/15 - 10/31/15)

Comment Corner!

"I have been blessed with chicken that I can say is better than my grandmother made and my customers declare that we have the Best Legs and the Biggest Breasts in the region!"  -- by Phil Scharfstein  

One Stop Broasted Chicken and Convenience Store

1912 South Roan Street,  Johnson City, Tennessee

tel: 423-928-6900

Chicken is served until 7:30 nightly, until 2:30 p.m. on Sundays.

Major credit cards accepted.